Article in today’s Winchester Star

The story of our six rescued chicks and the work the sanctuary does was in a great article in today’s edition of the Winchester Star newspaper. This story will only help to shed light on the plight of factory farm animals suffer from and how easy it is to distance yourself from the cruelty by avoiding animal products. Being a steward of our world is a great way to express compassion. Earlier today when in the check out line getting more feed for the chicks, I was able to talk with the guy in line behind me briefly about our sanctuary and although he wasn’t vegan, he was aware of the cruelty of egg factory farms and the slaughter of the male chicks. That was really nice, it means awareness is growing. We must continue to act and talk! Thanksgiving, as a time for family & friends to gather, is a great opportunity to share with others how easy it is to remove animal products from your diet and use. Prepare an amazing vegan meal and have literature available for further information.  This booklet from CVA or this one from Vegan Outreach are just two examples. Let the turkeys, chickens, pigs, cattle and other animals be thankful on this occasion. Support businesses and organizations which offer cruelty-free solutions and work to spread compassion towards all life.



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