S.O.S. Animals in need of your help

We have a couple specific ways in which you can directly help some animals urgently in need. Please contact us if you can lend a hand!

1. Currently we’re coordinating via FARM sanctuary network rescuing some chickens and providing them a forever home safe from those who’d abuse them for eggs or kill them to eat. They’re located at a foster home in north central PA near the NY border. As that’s a ten+ hour round trip for us, if someone is able to pick them up so that we can meet in southern PA that would be a huge help as it will reduce travel expenses and also reduce the time we are away from the sanctuary. We’re hoping to bring them here to Peaceful Fields within the next week or two.

2. Some compassionate people have intervened to save a male pygmy goat from going to an auction. We’re blessed to have him coming to Peaceful Fields sanctuary and join our family soon! As we do not support breeding as part of our vegan stewardship, he’ll need to be fixed or “wethered”. As the usual farmer methods are cruel, this will be performed by a veterinarian. This is costly and we could greatly use your financial support to help with the expense. Please use this link to give a financial gift. http://www.gofundme.com/PeacefulFieldsSanctuary Thank you for your help in saving these lives!

Reflections on one year of a sanctuary

Today is a special day here at PFS, it’s the one year anniversary on the closing of the property. December 17th 2013 was a milestone of a dream coming true. We had the land not only to call home but to begin a farm animal sanctuary and see a long time calling become reality. In 365 days we sure have gone through some amazing transformations and experiences and feel truly blessed. After months of getting settled, planning, preparing and saving we finally felt legitimate in calling ourselves a sanctuary with our first rescue of Bonnie back in June. We grew a nice garden, made our own hay and enjoyed watching the seasons change in the fields and spying wildlife all around. Two special moments were watching a family of mink bound across the field and a snapping turtle in the driveway. Through the summer we’ve become a part of Farm Sanctuary’s adoption network, learned a lot from the folks at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary and increased our family by ten. We held our first fundraiser together with Whole Foods, received our first media coverage from NBC and the Winchester Star. We’ve even grown our social media presence from a beginning of simply a Facebook page to also include this website and a fundraising page. Closing out the year we had Elvis move in with us!

What a ride it has been and we can’t wait to see what is in store for Peaceful Fields this second year! We plan to continue to provide homes for farm animals in need, building additional housing, further develop financial gift giving and increase public awareness.  Thank you for being a part of our very first year and we know you’ll watch & help us keep growing! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped financially or with time/labor because you understand stewardship and share the dream of providing a safe, loving home for animals free from exploitation. We truly could not do this work without your support. Also, special thanks to; Terry & Dave, realtor Jacquelyn Tam, reporter Merris Badcock & the staff at Mountain State Equine & Large Animal. We’ve learned that caring for those in need teaches patience, love, humility and the power of little miracles.

Sweet Pea b-day

Ladies & Gentlemen, Elvis has entered the building!

Help us welcome Elvis to Peaceful Fields Sanctuary! He’s a 10-12 year old gelded male quarter horse. He’s one of seven taken from a neglect situation by Montgomery County Animal Services Division. 17 counts of animal cruelty were charged against the individual failing to provide water, shelter, food and vet. care which resulting in one of the horses dying. Five of the horses, including Elvis, were fostered at Paradise Stables to regain health while forever homes were found. Happily all now have that dream of a forever home!!! You can be a part of this success story by making a donation or sponsoring Elvis! Sponsors can receive a photo and thank you card from Elvis. Click the “donate” menu tab above or follow this link- http://www.gofundme.com/PeacefulFieldsSanctuary to help. Thank you MCASD and Paradise Stables for your compassion and welcome home Elvis.

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Animal sponsorship brightens the holidays for three!

For friends and family, a great gift is an animal sponsorship at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary! Each annual sponsorship helps to cover a rescued farm animal at the sanctuary with food, housing, veterinary care and enrichment costs. Every sponsorship will include a photo and bio note about the animal and a thanks for making a difference. Everyone of all ages will appreciate the gift of compassion. A sponsorship touches the lives of three- you the giver, the recipient and the happy animal enjoying a forever home! Simply click the click for quick, compassionate gift giving this holiday! Be sure to message us with the recipient’s name and address. We’ll gladly also accept checks made out to: “Peaceful Fields Sanctuary” for sponsorship or donation, contact us for the mailing address.


Sweet Pea & Buster