S.O.S. Animals in need of your help

We have a couple specific ways in which you can directly help some animals urgently in need. Please contact us if you can lend a hand!

1. Currently we’re coordinating via FARM sanctuary network rescuing some chickens and providing them a forever home safe from those who’d abuse them for eggs or kill them to eat. They’re located at a foster home in north central PA near the NY border. As that’s a ten+ hour round trip for us, if someone is able to pick them up so that we can meet in southern PA that would be a huge help as it will reduce travel expenses and also reduce the time we are away from the sanctuary. We’re hoping to bring them here to Peaceful Fields within the next week or two.

2. Some compassionate people have intervened to save a male pygmy goat from going to an auction. We’re blessed to have him coming to Peaceful Fields sanctuary and join our family soon! As we do not support breeding as part of our vegan stewardship, he’ll need to be fixed or “wethered”. As the usual farmer methods are cruel, this will be performed by a veterinarian. This is costly and we could greatly use your financial support to help with the expense. Please use this link to give a financial gift. http://www.gofundme.com/PeacefulFieldsSanctuary Thank you for your help in saving these lives!

2 thoughts on “S.O.S. Animals in need of your help

  1. My niece is driving to college from northern NJ to Tennessee down Rt 81 on Saturday, December 3rd. I can ask her if she can help, if there are other people that can meet her along 81 to pick up and drop off the chickens. How many are there? I don’t know how much room she will have in the car.


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