Little goat gets New Year’s resolution of forever home


On New Year’s day 2015 we had a kid goat join the family here at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary! How’s THAT for a baby New Year. He doesn’t have a name as of yet but this young guy has quite the story to tell. Thanks to several people, this story has a happy ending! This little LaMancha mix (possibly Boar) was found wandering the streets near Durham, North Carolina alone. The county animal control picked him up and he was rescued by a local group Triangle Chance For All. Imagine how scared he must have been wandering the streets and being held in a county shelter, not knowing his fate. After a quick checkup by a vet, he went on a road trip up here to his permanent home at PFS. He’s settling in and getting used to his new surroundings. After blood work results come back and he’s been wethered (neutered) by our vet to prevent breeding, he’ll join Bonnie, Buster & Sweet Pea to engage in typical goat shenanigans happy and free from exploitation. If you’d like to sponsor him or help with the humane neutering (surgically performed under anesthesia) costs use the “donate” tab above or follow this link- . Welcome little guy and what a great way to start off 2015, with one more life saved from exploitation or death!

IMG_8833 IMG_8839

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