Silver’s operation

Silver had surgery today so that he is now neutered as a wether. This will prevent any breeding with the female goats. As a sanctuary, our goal is to rescue farm animals in need to provide forever homes and so any breeding impacts our ability to do this as we are NOT in agriculture or livestock business. Typically farmers will do this themselves by using rubber bands or a clamp however these methods are both painful and easily lead to health complications so we will only use surgery under anesthesia as the humane option. We’re very fortunate to have an amazing vet, Dr. Fred with Mountain State Equine & large animal who shares and understands this view. Silver was given a general anesthesia injection and after asleep the surgery was performed removing his testes. Several injections were also given for any pain and inflammation he might experience after waking up. Everything went really well (I never left his side) and it didn’t take long before he was up, though groggy. He came over for some hugs letting us know he was well. He’s eaten a bit which is a good sign. In about ten days he will have healed enough where we can relocate him in with the other goats. If you appreciate the rescue work we do and it touches your heart, please make a donation to help cover the costs of Silver’s surgery. Stay tuned for more news updates on this sweet little man!

Silver wants to cuddle after his surgery.
Silver wants to cuddle after his surgery.

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