Beatrice, the Harper’s Ferry hen

Meet Beatrice who arrived today at Peaceful Fields!


She came from Harper’s Ferry, WV where she has been seen wandering in a neighborhood for months. We don’t  know if she initially escaped or was set loose/abandoned. Patrick and Nena have been kindly keeping an eye on her and when it got cold made some shelter and provided food and water. As it isn’t legal to have chickens in the town, they reached out to us to see if we could provide her a forever home. It was quite the tense trip with bad winter weather and road conditions  but we made it there and back safely.


Beatrice is settling in at her new home and getting acquainted with many new friends. She seems to be in good health from our initial exam. Help us welcome Beatrice, the hen a snow storm couldn’t stop and thank you to Patrick and Nena for their compassion, care and sponsorship of Beatirce! Kind people like that give hope and a bright future for animal friends in need. Isn’t she beautiful?! The iridescent sheen as the light plays on the jet black plumage is awesome. She might be a Black Australorpe.


She’s sweet and enjoys being held. Quick as well, like Miss Prissy. Be sure to follow along as she enjoys life at the sanctuary!

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