“It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.”

Hi Bonnie
Hi Bonnie

Today, with much sadness we have proof of Steinbeck’s quote. Bonnie, our sanctuary figurehead and first rescue, passed away (surrounded by her goat friends) early last evening from gastrointestinal cancer. She was the sweetest elderly lady who enjoyed basking in the sun, snacks, kisses and rubs between her horns. A true lady, she preferred to do her “business” outside of the barn and had discriminating eating tastes, she’d turn her nose up to banana peels. She came to us early summer from here in Shenandoah Valley. At around 16 years, we knew then that each day we had her as part of our family was a gift so we worked hard to shower her “golden years” with constant love. She made us legit, she made us ramp up the rescue work and most importantly- she made us love.

Bonnie pausing just long enough for a glamour shot
Bonnie pausing just long enough for a glamour shot

Thank you Bonnie for touching the lives of many, you are a true blessing. In her memory we will continue our farm animal sanctuary work and share her story with visitors, as her story IS the story of Peaceful Fields sanctuary. We are comforted by the knowledge that it was not a long, painful battle with tumors and thanks to the compassion of doctor Fred and team for both her care and fighting in her corner with non-stop treatment. Her remains will be cremated and we’ll pay tribute to her memory. Thank you to our supporters and friends who have helped Bonnie along the way with snacks, prayers, well wishes and sponsorship/gifts. Thank you sweet Bonnie, rest in peace.

Bonnie, enjoying Jennifer & John's wedding bouquet.
Bonnie, enjoying Jennifer & John’s wedding bouquet.
Bonnie the day of her arrival to PFS!
Bonnie the day of her arrival to PFS!

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