Spring Drops By For A Visit

Warm, sun kissed days have melted the majority of snow. Robins red-winged blackbirds and starlings have returned cleaning the holly tree of berries. It can only mean spring has dropped by for a visit to Peaceful Fields, like an old friend to chat over coffee. We’ve followed these cues by cleaning out the chicken house.  Over winter, we used the deep litter method to keep our chicken guests warm and prevent cold injury to toes and body. All of this litter was removed to compost and replaced with new liter of regular depth. Roosts, feeders, nests were cleaned. What a surprise when everyone wandered in from being outside in the sun!


Also, it was time for the regular replacement of the bedding for the goats in the barn as well as for Elvis and Brownie in their area. Buster treated himself to a pedi with freshly trimmed hooves. He’ll tell you that’s how a goat keeps the sure-footed edge. Elvis and Silver have taken off their winter jackets giving us a convenient time to clean and mend them.

Comfy new goat bed
Comfy new goat bed

Soon it will be time for planting the garden, gazing into the ponds and mowing hay. Fresh, green carpets of wild grasses will spread out across the fields to overtake the shades of white and brown. Until then, everyone will enjoy spending lazy afternoons in the sun on each warm day and dodging the impromptu streams of melted snow following the contours of the fields to wind down into the ponds. Welcome spring!

20150309_140840 20150309_140746

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