Chick Daze are Here!

For most of us, Spring is here! Let’s rejoice that we made it through the winter! Retail establishments are breaking out the gardening supplies and bathing suits. Two well known farm supply stores even have annual sales events called “Chick Days”. People are able to walk in, purchase tiny chicks, who are not even old enough to be away from their mothers, and raise them at home for one sad purpose: to be further objectified.


Having animals in our lives is a big responsibility. They have so many needs to be met, and they count on us, their human guardians, to meet most or all of them. People often times impulsively get a baby animal because they are dazed by the cuteness, without any consideration to how much time, effort, or money they will require. Many people get the animals home and have regrets. Some animals never even make it home. Such was the case for the chicks that arrived at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary yesterday.  They were found in a box in a Wal-Mart parking lot in North Carolina. The Wal-Mart happens to share their parking lot with one of the big farm supply stores holding its annual “Chick Days” event. They were graciously and carefully transported by our friends at Triangle Chance for All in North Carolina, who also took part in freeing them from the shelter where they were being held.


The chicks are safe and sound, with all their needs met and we are delighted they are now free from a life of slavery and objectification for their eggs, and potentially their body parts. They are adorable, friendly and a real pleasure to watch play and just be chickens. We do not yet know their gender, but once identifiable, they will be given names. For now, they are “the peepers” and live up to their temporary name, making the most adorable sounds.


Having taken in these four babies, our total number of chickens is now twenty (20)! We have yet to build an official coop, so the 16 adult chickens are taking up residence in our garage, which we have converted into a large coop. Please be on the lookout for an upcoming event and fundraiser regarding “Operation Coop Build” at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary. It will be a weekend event and we graciously ask all who are able to contribute in some way: Time, Talent, or Treasure. We are not building a coop for twenty chickens, but more, because undoubtedly we will come across many more that need to be rescued and allowed to live a life of freedom and love. Once a date has been selected and invitations go out, we hope our supporters will step up with us to make this mission a reality for the sweet chickens in our care. This is a photo of a “dream coop”.  Ours may not look like this, but it never hurts to dream!

hex coop

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