S.O.S. Goats & sheep need your help!

We’re working in conjunction with Farm Sanctuary to rescue and provide a home here for some goats/sheep. They have 200 from an abuse raid in NJ where the county charged a couple with 18 counts of animal cruelty and are seizing and relocating about 200 goats and sheep. Currently we have housing space for 2-3 more goats and at a minimum are committed to that. We’d like to provide a safe, forever home to many more which would require building a couple three-sided shelters. That is where YOU can partner with us and help save lives!!! Please make a donation so we can raise funds to build these shelters and save many more of these poor animals that have been neglected and abused. Each shelter will only cost a few hundred dollars to build and if we raise more the extra funds will be used for food and vet care. Let’s commit together to showing love and care!

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