Together, We can save lives

Buster, with Silver and Sweet Pea in the background

We are blessed to have many aspects to successfully save lives as a farm animal sanctuary, but not all. We have the land, the ability to provide loving care and the mission. On our own, we are limited in achieving that mission.  That is where YOU come in. We need you and your financial support. If you believe in and share our mission (to provide a safe, loving forever home for farm animals in need free from exploitation and killing), partner with us to save lives. The word about PFS is growing but it takes financial resources, more than the two of us as PFS founders could possibly provide, to save farm animals in need. Currently there are 200 goats and sheep in NJ, 7 sheep in TN, chickens and many pigs we have beeen directly contacted about providing a safe forever home for. Housing, vet care, supplies and food all cost. As quality of life is paramount, we’d never rescue a life we could not provide for. Please do what you can and share the need with others, we’d be very grateful and so will our animal friends. A heartfelt thank you to those who have believed in and supported the work of PFS already.

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