Host an event at a farm animal sanctuary!

20150518_113710Spring and summer, with the warm sunny weather is the time of year to hold outdoor events.  If you are looking for a unique location to have a vegan event, consider Peaceful Fields Sanctuary! Whether a family and friend get together, wedding or vow renewal, music jam, potluck, art, nature photography or simply enjoying the countryside our farm animal sanctuary is a perfect spot and way to share your passion for protecting and saving animals with others. With 13 acres that includes walking trails through the fields, two ponds, several large oak and fruit trees, lots of wildlife and of course the animals living at the sanctuary all nestled in the picturesque Shenandoah Valley! Contact us for further details.

20150518_113644  20150518_113630

Construction begins on new chicken area.


Post holes drilled, trenches dug and the posts set into the holes, next step is to square them up and cement into place.

So much has been accomplished this weekend and we have so many to thank, from the donors to the volunteers to the friends who came to feed and care for the animals! All the post holes got dug, the posts are in the ground and more than half of them are cemented into place. There is still much to do but we anticipate good progress toward completion. We especially want to thank Rebecca, Heather, Sara, Lynn, Bobby, Amy, Edith, Tiffany, Jessica, Derek & Abby, Barb & Mike, Brian, and Larry. We would also like to thank Jno S Solenberger & Co. Inc., Lowe’s Home Improvement, and Gardein for your donations! We are so blessed to have so many who support our mission! If anyone wasn’t able to make it to the event or would like to come back, just let us know when you are free and we would love to have you. There is still help needed! THANK YOU ALL!


Brian getting to know Sweet Pea


Larry meeting Buster


Drilling post holes with the auger.


Derek and Larry taking a turn using the auger to drill one of the many post holes.

“Buy local” isn’t just for produce


Most of us know of the “buy local” and “think globally, act locally” philosophies about stewardship. Did you know this applies to more than produce? One area of importance is in sanctuary work. I bet if most did some research, they’d be surprised to discover several animal sanctuaries in their greater area, within a hundred miles or two.  Most of these are smaller scale or micro-sanctuaries. As great as the amazing work the several large sanctuaries do, it is more important to act locally by “buying” (read supporting) your local sanctuaries.  Why you ask? In order to save as many lives as possible, it is critical to have numerous sanctuaries. Due to costs, logistics and land availability this is to be achieved through large numbers of smaller sanctuaries spread across the country. It follows the sustainability model like any other good or service. Some may specialize while others may be more general. These smaller sanctuaries are more dependent on resource availability with the community, both in financial and volunteer partnership. Your gift of time and money will have a larger, more critical impact.  Each can work to cover the rescue needs for the surrounding area, network together and perform outreach to educate the local public. Do more than just support local kale! If you haven’t yet, please get involved with a local sanctuary to either support financially so they can continue and increase saving the lives of animals and/or volunteer your time. Working together is the key for success in animal sanctuaries!