“Buy local” isn’t just for produce


Most of us know of the “buy local” and “think globally, act locally” philosophies about stewardship. Did you know this applies to more than produce? One area of importance is in sanctuary work. I bet if most did some research, they’d be surprised to discover several animal sanctuaries in their greater area, within a hundred miles or two.  Most of these are smaller scale or micro-sanctuaries. As great as the amazing work the several large sanctuaries do, it is more important to act locally by “buying” (read supporting) your local sanctuaries.  Why you ask? In order to save as many lives as possible, it is critical to have numerous sanctuaries. Due to costs, logistics and land availability this is to be achieved through large numbers of smaller sanctuaries spread across the country. It follows the sustainability model like any other good or service. Some may specialize while others may be more general. These smaller sanctuaries are more dependent on resource availability with the community, both in financial and volunteer partnership. Your gift of time and money will have a larger, more critical impact.  Each can work to cover the rescue needs for the surrounding area, network together and perform outreach to educate the local public. Do more than just support local kale! If you haven’t yet, please get involved with a local sanctuary to either support financially so they can continue and increase saving the lives of animals and/or volunteer your time. Working together is the key for success in animal sanctuaries!

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