Goat News Travels Fast

Right before removal where she was abandoned

A freckle faced girl came to PFS Friday evening. During the beginning of the week we heard from a local resident about a goat who was abandoned on a property in Winchester, VA. We sprang into action to save this sweet girl, spending days trying to locate the former owner. In the interim, kind neighbors were feeding, watching and walking her. Just when we were about to partner with law enforcement for a forcible removal, we came in contact with someone and received permission to remove and rehome her to the sanctuary. (The legal aspects of rescuing can be tricky and we must make sure the animal and all those at the sanctuary are safe and not endangered for seizure due to legality details on our part.) Friday evening we stopped by to bring her to her new home here. She’s skinny and has some separation anxiety from being abandoned. You can see she was simply fenced in a dirt yard on a property which was condemned. Right now we have her in quarantine, another important safety and our vet will examine her on Thursday. Once a clean bill of health is confirmed, she will be introduced to her new goat friends.

Can't resist a little climbing

Today a few lucky visitors got to meet her as she is settling in. We’re very glad she is eating well, free from harm and no longer going hungry. Thanks to kind folks that alerted us to her need, she has a happy ending to her tail (or tale,lol).

Visitors meeting our newest rescue

More details to come as she enjoys a new life and hopefully soon a name as well! Hard to believe someone could walk away and leave a sweet face like hers.

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