Updates and New Faces!

This summer has been a busy one! Toby was rescued and had his amputation surgery and is now fully recovered. He is weaned but in the beginning he was taking a bottle of goat formula every four hours. He is doing so well! He is transitioning to being an outdoor goat and now only comes in the house to sleep at night. He is a happy, playful and healthy three-legged baby goat. Thanks again to everyone who donated and prayed for his surgery! Here he is helping us do the afternoon chores. He got up in the cart all by himself!

toby in cart

Last month we rescued a female goat that had been abandoned on a condemned property here in Winchester. She was in pretty bad shape but is steadily improving and has been treated for internal and external parasites. Thankfully she also tested negative for any communicable diseases. We wrestled with what to name her, and did receive a few good suggestions but we ultimately settled on Heidi. She is just the sweetest goat. She is even sweeter than Sweet Pea! We recently watched Heidi, the movie starring Shirley Temple (based on a book published in 1881). Heidi had goats she loved like family and she was the sweetest little girl, so that settled it! Welcome to the PFS goat gang, Heidi!!

Heidi Sept15

Three new hens joined the PFS flock on Saturday! Some nice folks here in Virginia were moving to Oregon and just couldn’t take the three hens they care for. It really is just too stressful of a trip for chickens. Layla, KitKat and Zeena are of course in a bit of shock, never having been around other chickens before. They had never seen a rooster and didn’t quite know what to think of the advances of Randy! We are keeping a close eye on them and in time they will be more comfortable and relaxed. Welcome to the PFS flock ladies!

New Hens Sept15

It has been a busy summer and we apologize for not posting more often. We ask than any who are able to help in some way with your time, talent, or treasure. Please donate and/or volunteer. There is never “nothing to do” here, the to-do list is always long and the funds are always low. Please help where you can. These wonderful lives in our care depend on us, our donors and volunteers! Thank you!


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