Is She Valuable?

To us here at PFS, the answer is a resounding YES! All animals have value!

But what does the word valuable mean? It is made of two words; value + able. Because our newest goat resident wasn’t able to stand or walk she had no value to her previous owners beyond the two kids she recently birthed and weaned. She had injuries that made it impossible to breed her again and again. She required more time and medical attention than was practical to them. But her ability, or lack of ability, has no bearing on her value to us. She is a beautiful goat, and despite her past injuries and her twisted and crippled body has the sweetest personality.


We found her listed on a farm animal rescue website. Thankfully, her then owner was willing to let someone else take over her care instead of killing her and we thank her for that. We discussed whether or not we could help her and decided if we didn’t, nobody else would. Plus we have some support from our followers who will hopefully step up and make a donation for her care, as we are already stretched thin with the needs of all the other animals and winter preparation. She was living about 5 hours away, but we arranged to meet up and take her at a convenient halfway point last Sunday. The photo above was taken right after placing her gently in our minivan. The ride back home went smoothly and she coped quite well, only voicing her confusion a couple times.


We got her home, and laid her in the soft, cool grass and she seemed to take a sigh of relief. The welcoming committee (the chickens) greeted her cautiously, as they are familiar with goats only by the antics of Toby. She looked around for a while and ate some fresh grass. She called for us whenever we were out of sight. The next day, Dr. Fred came to examine her thoroughly. She was dehydrated, had lice, has lung, spine and leg damage from laying down for probably about a year following a very bad case of hoof rot. She has a past cervical spinal injury (around her collar bone area) that has damaged the nerves in her front legs, they are numb. Fortunately the muscles in all four legs are somewhat functional but have atrophied due to lack of use. She will probably never walk unassisted again due to her front legs injury. Her back legs are sticking out straight but have a good range of motion and she has some strength in them. We found a used “wheelchair” for sale at another sanctuary (at less than half the price of a new one!) and it is on its way to us right now. We hope she will be able to use it and regain some strength after some physical therapy and massage. It will be a happy day when she is able to propel herself using her own strength!

So far we have only raised about $200 for her care, which only covers Dr. Fred’s initial visit and her vaccinations. We still need to pay for her wheelchair, permanent special housing, therapy and ongoing medical. If you think she is valuable too, won’t you help us show her how much value she truly has? Please make a generous donation toward her ongoing care. Better yet, consider making a regular monthly donation or sponsor her by the donate menu tab at the top of the page or click here. Please email us for the sanctuary address if you would prefer to mail a check. Please help us help her! If you aren’t able to help financially, please share this article everywhere. Her story deserves to go viral! This sweet girl has value beyond measure and we aim to provide the best care with your help!


For a donation of $500 you can even name her!

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