PFS, second year reflection


What a year 2015 has been! Together with your help, we’ve rescued six goats and close to two dozen chickens this past year, providing them with a forever home free from exploitation. We have tabled at Richmond Vegfest, DC Vegfest and the National Animal Rights Conference to share the mission of the sanctuary. We’ve implemented monthly public volunteer days, giving another way the public can be involved and get to know the residents. Our first catered private event, a bachelorette party took place this year at the sanctuary. We added a Twitter and Instagram account to our online presence. Thank you for supporting Peaceful Fields Sanctuary throughout the year! Your gifts have provided hay, straw, feed, medical care, a wheelchair for Beauty, amputation surgery for Toby, surgery for Silver and much more. We are blessed by the many supporters who have volunteered, donated items or provided rescue transport. Sixty percent of our 2015 operating budget came from you, compassionate supporters! We are grateful to WHAG and The Winchester Star among others who shared the stories of several residents so people can connect and empathize with their journey. It sure has been exciting, full of growth this year and we hope everyone enjoyed coming along for the ride.  2016 will bring more so join with us on the journey to see what is in store! If you are considering year end giving, we are humbled to be on your list. From all the residents at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary, we hope you are blessed in 2016!

Enjoy the slideshow!

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