High Heat

First, we have to thank God we never lost power during this historic blizzard! Power can mean the difference between life and death in rural areas such as Peaceful Fields Sanctuary’s location. For outdoor animals, power means water to drink and a place to warm themselves. For people who lovingly care for animals it means investing in submersible water trough heaters and overhead heat lamps. It also means doubling and sometimes tripling the winter power bill. Water trough heaters require 1500 watts each, and we currently have three in use at PFS. These heaters automatically come on when the water temperature gets low enough to freeze.

water heater

We also have two heated water buckets, one for Toby and one for Beauty. They each require 60 watts to operate and also come on automatically.

water bucket

In addition to the water heaters for the goats, Elvis and Brownie, we have constructed water heaters for the chickens. An inexpensive and reliable solution to chicken water freezing is a few dollars in lamp parts from the hardware store and a large cookie tin from Hobby Lobby (on clearance for $0.90!) We have four in operation and each has a 40 watt light bulb inside. These sit under their existing water containers.


We also use an enclosed space heater in the chicken coop for ambient heat. It runs on 1500 watts of power and we manually tun it off when the outdoor air temperature goes above freezing. Heat Lamps are also in use and we have three operating when needed. Each one runs on 250 watts!

red bulb

So, as January has had nearly every night dropping below freezing, we have had an additional 7,030 watts of electricity used every day. That is like having roughly 14 refrigerators running in your home!! Can you imagine what our next power bill will look like?

In addition to the added power for warmth, the animals don’t have grass to graze on in the winter months so we spend twice as much on hay and pellet feed. Currently we spent about $30+ PER DAY on feed so the animals can get enough calories and stay warm on the inside!

If you can help in any way, even to share and spread the word, we here at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary would be most appreciative! We have to keep them warm and watered and we need your help! CLICK HERE TO DONATE!


The Water trough heaters doing their job! Keeping water in it’s liquid state despite deep snow!

What’s In A Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”


Beauty being filmed by a WHAG reporter.

Those words were spoken by Juliet in a tale by Shakespeare. What’s in a name? In the case of Beauty, it is compassion…

Back in November you’ll remember after the rescue of Beauty we issued a special challenge, anyone who made a $500 donation to help with her special medical needs would be able to suggest a name. We’d like to introduce you to the kind people who answered that call, the Williamsport Redmen NASCAR Club!


Bobby Ayers Sr, Bobby Ayers Jr, Angie Kendall, Mike Kendall

This group was touched by her story and wanted to help. After a few conversations, they provided funding to cover medical treatment and mobility aides to improve Beauty’s quality of life. They share the source of her name “I think the perfect name would be Beauty since she is one of God’s beautiful creatures”. We at PFS couldn’t agree more!

Thank you to Williamsport Redmen NASCAR Club and everyone who has donated financially or with their time to help Beauty to be the happy and healthy gal she is. Through continued care, we are hopeful that she will gain further strength and mobility.



“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God’s handwriting.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

New Year kicks off at PFS

The new year has already started off well at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary!

Winter preparation continued with making some new chicken water heaters. Installing a light fixture into a re-purposed food tin creates enough heat safely to keep the chicken water containers ice free. Reusing existing items you have or can pick up second hand is always a smart idea. We also made some chicken sweaters for several of the chickens in need of a little extra warmth during the winter months in addition to the coop heater and heat lamps.


Brownie & Elvis celebrated the new year with a pedicure! Dr. Fred and Scott the farrier came out to give Brownie and Elvis a hoof trim for healthy feet and so they both can walk safely free from discomfort. Overgrown hooves can cause pain, infection and an improper gait so as part of their care Brownie & Elvis have a pedicure quarterly. It also lends to be yet another opportunity (outside of the scheduled physicals) for Dr. Fred to give a physical checkup on the two boys.


Scott working on Elvis’s feet with the assistance of Dr. Fred


As part of the new year, we’ve created a new campaign on our donation page to reflect the budget of planned expenses ($18,000) for this new fiscal year. You can follow our progress via the links or at gofundme.com/PFS2016.

We recently had our monthly public volunteer day at PFS. This is an amazing opportunity to share our mission with the public! It is also a way you can get involved to help and meet the residents as well as make new human friends. Cold, wind or snow there is always lots to do and we had 11 compassionate people working hard on various projects this January. Vegan hot chocolate helped fight off the chill! If you want to join an upcoming volunteer day, details are posted on Facebook, where you can also RSVP (or send us an email). Next volunteer day is February 6th! This special day happens on the first Saturday of each month so be sure to mark your calendars.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to lend a hand! Also a big thanks to our individual volunteers who have come out regularly to help out.

Currently PFS is working on the logistics of a multiple goat rescue so be sure to watch for more details over the next several days as we coordinate and plan to make it a reality.

On January 25th in Baltimore is the 2nd Art for the Animals Show at One World Cafe coordinated by Baltimore Vegan Drinks. One of the artists, Rachel Horner, has painted an amazing picture of Buster to benefit the sanctuary! Tickets are $25 and include a vegan buffet!

Thank you to all of our caring supporters for starting off 2016 in such amazing fashion!