Christmas in July for the Animals!

We are almost half way through the summer months and we want to express how grateful we are to have such charitable supporters. In order to continue to give our residents the best forever home possible, we depend on constant donations. These donations afford us the opportunity to not only pay for food, medical supplies, and property upkeep but also make upgrades necessary to continue rescuing more animals in need. 

Currently, we are at capacity and one of the biggest upgrades needed to change that would be a run-in shelter. The cost of the run-in, delivery, installing electric & water, etc will be around $20,000. Did you know, if only half of the Peaceful Fields Sanctuary Facebook followers donated $25 this month, we could cover the cost of the run-in? 

Along with upgrades, we continue to have many day-to-day costs including feed, bedding, fencing, medical expenses, etc. In honor of our residents, we are asking you to be extra giving this month and pick one or more of the following items to gift to our sweet animals. You may give your donation through GoFundMe, PayPal, or mail. Simply gift the cost of the item and write which gift you’d like the donation to go towards. We will do the work of picking it up from the store!

Thank you in advance- we, along with the residents, cannot express our appreciation enough! The success of our sanctuary is due to your continued generosity. 

Below are the links to PayPal and GoFundMe,our two online donation tools for PFS-


If you’d prefer to mail in a donation, our mailing address is: 

153 Peacefield Lane

Winchester, VA 22603

Possible Gifts:

1) Animal Sponsorship- these are yearly sponsorships and we allow many sponsors for each animal so pick whichever one you’d like!

Chicken= $30

Goat= $120



2) A week’s or months’ worth of straw & hay for an equine or goat:

Equine: week= $50 month= $200

Goat: week= $30 month= $120

3) Run-in fundraising- gift any amount you’d like

4) Salt licks for a year= $25

5) Deworming kit= $30

    This kit includes the following:

Chicken dewormer, goat dewormer, & equine dewormer

6) Medical supplies kit= $40

     This kit includes the following:

4 pack of bandages

 AluShield bandage spray

Antibiotic cream


7) Bag of feed= $15/each

8) Chicken coop bedding= $20- this buys 4 bags of bedding which lasts one coop cleaning

9) Fruits & veggies= gift any amount you’d like

10) Fencing upkeep= $65

Buys 2 rolls of 50 ft chicken wire or 50 ft of field fencing

11) Vet checkups, vaccines, and equine hoof/teeth care- gift any amount you’d like- here are vet costs as a reference for your donation:

Yearly hoof care= $864

Yearly vaccine cost= 256

Teeth float= $175 per animal (done when needed)

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