Urgent Need!

EXCITING NEWS! We have been donated a 25’x8′ insulated chicken coop but need to raise roughly $225 to get it moved to our location ASAP. The nice people donating it (because they are moving) also have lots of fencing and a gravity watering system to donate as well. We also have an opportunity to purchase a large quantity of hay at a discounted price and we hope to purchase at least 50 bales as well as pay for transporting them to us. During the winter months we go through three bales of hay every day. The normal cost of hay is $7 per bale plus delivery.

Winter is right around the corner and our expenses to care for the rescued animals literally doubles, what with the power bill to keep everyone warm and their water troughs thawed out (well over $200 per month) to the extra food due to the lack of grass in the pastures (roughly $100 per month) to extra bedding to keep everyone warm at night (about $80 a month). These estimates are in addition to vet bills and normal operating expenses!

We are currently almost $10,000 behind in fundraising for the year. The need really is urgent. The animals in our care get everything they need but there is nothing left over for new building projects or growth to save more lives. Without consistent support we unfortunately have to turn away animals in need, which is something for which we feel a deep calling. Please join us!

Please help! Click here to make a donation. We also accept PayPal donations here. Please email us for the address if you’d like to mail a check.

Please donate and share!

2 thoughts on “Urgent Need!

  1. You’ve probably already tried this but if not. ..

    Can you perhaps ask businesses who haul buildings professionally to either do it at reduced cost or donate the cost of moving the chicken coop and fencing, etc. Even a trucking company might help. They might say yes and all they can say is no 🙂 I wish you well w that if you’re still in need of movers.
    Thanks. Jeri Rasulo in Hawaii


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