Thanksgiving Blessings from the Sanctuary

First we want to thank God for His many blessings and lessons throughout this year. We have been blessed with generous donors, joyful hearts and strong hands supporting our mission.

Among our generous donors are now Angelina and Patrick who donated their large insulated chicken coop and materials to construct a run and automatic watering system, the set up and use of which will be the subject of a future volunteer day. This new coop will increase the amount of lives we can rescue. We appreciate your generosity and wish you both many blessings in your retirement.


Among our new rescues is a beautiful chocolate colored hen who we have been calling Coco. She is young, sweet, talkative and inquisitive. As we suspected she is gravitating toward a young rooster named Jack.


One of our most recent blessings is Ben, who has agreed to wait until our GoFundMe page has raised the funds to purchase his tractor. We looked at it and test drove it a couple weeks ago and feel it will be very beneficial in caring for the animals who call Peaceful Fields Sanctuary home. It will allow us to plow the road (we are on an unmaintained dirt road) to make sure the feed delivery arrives and when needed, our wonderful Veterinarian, Dr. Minazzoli of Mountain State Equine and Large Animal. We owe him and Scott many thanks as well. We can also use various attachments to grade the road and mow the fields. Since this morning we have raised $1,340 of our $1,750 goal. We are so close that we will probably be able to pay for it this weekend! Thank you to all who have donated!


Help spread holiday cheer to the animals

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday are just right around the corner. Here are some quick and easy ways you can support the sanctuary while doing your holiday shopping!

PFS has a wish list on Amazon of needed supplies, ranging from reoccurring items to one time needs. Select these as you shop online and they will be sent to the sanctuary for the animals!

Partner the convenience of online shopping with the Amazon Smile program, where they will make a donation to the sanctuary based on your spending! Sign up once and select Peaceful Fields Sanctuary as your beneficiary and you can have Amazon donate 0.5% of your purchase costs throughout the year, at no cost to you!

Monetary donations can also be given via . We use both Paypal and GoFundMe for your convenience. If you’d like to mail a donation or donate an item or service, send us an email.

Take care of all your gift giving and demonstrate compassion by sponsoring an animal resident as a gift! Your friends and family will enjoy the photo and card they will receive as well as the kind thought knowing they were the reason a farmed animal in need is rescued and cared for! Sign up under the donate section.

Thank you all on behalf of the animal residents for your support and we wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah & Kwanzaa!

Fall Update

We’ve had quite a busy summer and now that fall has arrived it’s time to take a deep breath, reflect on the┬álast few months and start preparing for winter. This summer had us blessed with Hannah, our summer intern from Virginia Tech. Her assistance was absolutely invaluable and we wish her all the best in her senior year! We attended the Richmond (Virginia, USA) VegFest and brought Toby with us once again. Everyone was, as usual, taken by his sweetness and very interested in visiting everyone else here at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary.

The Fall Open House on October 10th was a tremendous success. We had about 20 people coming to hear about our mission and meet the animals, and $620 was raised to care for them! Everyone had a great time and the vegan potluck was again AMAZING. We will see you again for the Spring Open House in April! Until then, there is a monthly one hour tour. Please keep an eye on Facebook or email us for the next tour date.

At every place of rescue there are losses and new faces. Just yesterday we took in a new hen, and a couple weeks ago we lost our sweet leghorn hen, Miss Prissy, to a tumor on her cloaca. The loss of Silver, our sweet and shy goat was a huge blow. We noticed he was having trouble urinating so we called the vet right away and he rushed over. Very shortly after he arrived, Silver’s bladder ruptured. Sadly that is not a rare issue with neutered male goats.