Fall Update

We’ve had quite a busy summer and now that fall has arrived it’s time to take a deep breath, reflect on the last few months and start preparing for winter. This summer had us blessed with Hannah, our summer intern from Virginia Tech. Her assistance was absolutely invaluable and we wish her all the best in her senior year! We attended the Richmond (Virginia, USA) VegFest and brought Toby with us once again. Everyone was, as usual, taken by his sweetness and very interested in visiting everyone else here at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary.

The Fall Open House on October 10th was a tremendous success. We had about 20 people coming to hear about our mission and meet the animals, and $620 was raised to care for them! Everyone had a great time and the vegan potluck was again AMAZING. We will see you again for the Spring Open House in April! Until then, there is a monthly one hour tour. Please keep an eye on Facebook or email us for the next tour date.

At every place of rescue there are losses and new faces. Just yesterday we took in a new hen, and a couple weeks ago we lost our sweet leghorn hen, Miss Prissy, to a tumor on her cloaca. The loss of Silver, our sweet and shy goat was a huge blow. We noticed he was having trouble urinating so we called the vet right away and he rushed over. Very shortly after he arrived, Silver’s bladder ruptured. Sadly that is not a rare issue with neutered male goats.

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