Thanksgiving Blessings from the Sanctuary

First we want to thank God for His many blessings and lessons throughout this year. We have been blessed with generous donors, joyful hearts and strong hands supporting our mission.

Among our generous donors are now Angelina and Patrick who donated their large insulated chicken coop and materials to construct a run and automatic watering system, the set up and use of which will be the subject of a future volunteer day. This new coop will increase the amount of lives we can rescue. We appreciate your generosity and wish you both many blessings in your retirement.


Among our new rescues is a beautiful chocolate colored hen who we have been calling Coco. She is young, sweet, talkative and inquisitive. As we suspected she is gravitating toward a young rooster named Jack.


One of our most recent blessings is Ben, who has agreed to wait until our GoFundMe page has raised the funds to purchase his tractor. We looked at it and test drove it a couple weeks ago and feel it will be very beneficial in caring for the animals who call Peaceful Fields Sanctuary home. It will allow us to plow the road (we are on an unmaintained dirt road) to make sure the feed delivery arrives and when needed, our wonderful Veterinarian, Dr. Minazzoli of Mountain State Equine and Large Animal. We owe him and Scott many thanks as well. We can also use various attachments to grade the road and mow the fields. Since this morning we have raised $1,340 of our $1,750 goal. We are so close that we will probably be able to pay for it this weekend! Thank you to all who have donated!


One thought on “Thanksgiving Blessings from the Sanctuary

  1. May God place his hand on Peaceful Fields Sanctuary, blessing the land and the Stewards that care for all of his creatures that enter. May we all return to heaven to be together again in his almighty glory. Amen!

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