PFS Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Society may be on hold, but our work for farmed animals in need is not. We are fully committed to our sanctuary residents and our duty to ensure their proper nutrition and care will never be compromised. Many of them have survived cruel treatment and even escaped slaughter. We will not let them down now or ever.

Our Sanctuary already practices excellent standards of disease prevention, but we have modified our protocols to adhere to the newest recommendations and will take all new and necessary precautions to protect our staff and volunteers:

    • We are temporarily closed to non-essential staff and volunteers. Virtual tours and other online events will be scheduled in order for the public to stay involved and up-to-date on the daily happenings at the Sanctuary. Click here for our upcoming events.
    • Animal care is dirty work and quickly instills the importance of avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, and regularly and thoroughly washing your hands. We have all the necessary hygiene supplies on hand, such as hand sanitizer, tissues, soap dispensers, etc.
    • We continue to provide protective gloves and face masks for all staff and volunteers, as we have in the past.
    • We ask all staff and volunteers to cough or sneeze into the inside of your elbow to reduce likelihood of transmission.
    • Staff and volunteers now work in staggered segments spread across our 13-acre Sanctuary in order to limit human interaction and comply with the social distancing guideline of six feet between individuals.
    • All farm tools, door handles, workstations, and gate closures are disinfected between volunteer and staff visits.
    • We have printed reminders about these adjusted cleaning protocols so volunteers or staff who do not regularly perform these jobs will be aware of the new requirements.
    • Any staff or volunteers who have respiratory symptoms are not expected or allowed to come to the Sanctuary.
    • We have a critical need for committed Operations Volunteers in order to ensure all of our residents are taken care of each and every day. We encourage all new volunteers to attend a Volunteer Orientation and join our Operations team. Click here for upcoming dates.
    • We typically receive on-site contact-less deliveries of food and supplies.
    • Essential staff are doing their best to limit in-person supply visits and order as many items online as possible.
    • Budget permitting, we plan to store up on food and supplements in the event of store closures or breaks in the supply chain.
    • We remain in close communication with all of our critical supply vendors.
    • We remain connected to rescue networks and maintain our partnerships with local and state government agencies for new rescue opportunities. 
    • Budget and capacity permitting, we are committed to providing a forever home and proper care for any of the thousands of farmed animals in need.
    • We ask all rescue and transport activists and personnel we interact with to utilize full personal protective equipment, ensure all vehicles and animal carriers are disinfected before and after use, and respect guidelines on social distancing during transfers.