Bonnie came to the sanctuary on June 14th of 2014. A doe formerly from the dairy industry, she lived years beyond the typical life expectancy of a dairy goat. Half alpine and half Nubian, this senior lady was polite and proper. Initially underweight with parasites, she recovered quickly and enjoyed her final months with us. She passed away on February 24th, 2015 of what our vet suspects was gastrointestinal cancer which is common in senior goats. She was a delight to steward and is missed terribly.


Brownie was rescued by a foster family, he was abandoned in a field with some horses. We provided him a forever home at Peaceful Fields in July of 2014. He’s timid and shy from his past experience but is a healthy four year old boy. He likes to be hand fed treats and have his rump scratched.

Sweet Pea


Sweet Pea is a  female pygmy goat about four years old. She came together with her partner in crime Buster. She is talkative, friendly and is amazing at fitting through small spaces or jumping. She really lives up to her name!



Buster was an unwanted male from the dairy goat industry. He moved here to PFS along with Sweet Pea in October of 2014 and is also about four years old. This nubian has long legs making him an expert jumper. He loves tree leaves and will stand up to pull down branches.



In November 2014 six chicks came to Peaceful Fields from Washington, DC in a combined rescue with Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Maryland.  The 15 chicks were a cruel break-up gift from a man to his ex-girlfriend. When she threatened to throw them away on delivery, the mailman took them back and turned the chicks over to the Washington Humane Society who them reached out to sanctuaries for homes. Sadly, we have lost all six we rescued due to complication with their weight, which is common with the Cornish Cross breed. These friendly chickens were the size of turkeys because they were not bred to live beyond their slaughter date of eight weeks old.



Elvis came to us in December 2014 from a severe abuse and neglect prosecution in Montgomery County, Maryland. Several horses were seized, all in poor health, and one was so far gone it could not be saved. Elvis was nursed back to health at Paradise Stables in Maryland, and is doing well here at PFS. He shares a barn with Brownie and they really do act like brothers.


Silver was found wandering the streets of Raleigh North Carolina. Animal control picked him up and another rescue group freed him and transported him up to us on January 1st, 2015. He’s a pygmy LaMancha and was named after the Lone Ranger’s horse. We lost him to bladder stones in July of 2016. We didn’t have his company for long but he was such a sweet boy and we miss him terribly.



In June of 2015 Toby came to the sanctuary at just one week old and still nursing. He’s from Chesapeake,Va where he severely injured a leg and received no medical treatment for days. He was surrendered to PFS prevent him being euthanized. Dana and Bailey stayed up all night to transport him safely to us. After a partial leg amputation and hard work to stabilize his condition, he was taken to Virginia Tech for further surgery. The remainder of his leg was removed at the shoulder and he also received a blood transfusion. So many people generously donated to cover his medical costs and now he scampers and plays as any kid!



In August of 2015 we rescued a female goat that had been abandoned on a condemned property here in Winchester. She was in pretty bad shape but is steadily improving and has been treated for internal and external parasites. She fits in well with her new friends and is a very sweet girl. She is also absolutely covered in freckles!

Frank & Eddie


Eddie and Frank came all the way from New York, from Farm Sanctuary. The twins needed permanent placement and we were happy to take them. They are about five years old and are a comical duo!

Susy & Nala

kimg0950 kimg0242


Warren, Walter and Paula

Photo coming soon!




As of January 2017 we have 23 chicken residents at PFS and it is difficult to make a profile for each one, but we assure you they are all unique individuals and we love them all! They are Ladybug, Cluck Norris, Chewbacca, Dora, Ruby, Lucy, Dennis, Buffy, Randy, Biff, Chuck, Beatrice, Xena, Marilyn, Dolly, Petula, Patsy, Thelma, Louise, Jack, Pepper, Coco and Bethany.


WE ARE GROWING TO MEET THE NEEDS OF SO MANY ANIMALS and NEED YOUR HELP! Please visit our Donate tab and give generously!

John & Jennifer

netzel -19

Co-founders John & Jennifer believe in stewardship and started Peaceful Fields as a sanctuary for farm animals. PFS’s mission is to provide a loving home for animals in need as well as educate the public about stewardship and living compassionately by adopting a vegan lifestyle.

One thought on “Bios

  1. I’m very touched by your compassion and caring toward these wonderful animals. I hope to visit your sanctuary within the next few months. I’m especially interested in donkeys (like Brownie), but the bios of all your residents have moved me greatly. Will be in touch soon to make an appointment to visit you!
    Sincerely, Linda Burtnette, Arlington, VA


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