Meet Our Residents Goats Buster

Buster was an unwanted male from the dairy goat industry, and was rescued from a goat farm along with Sweet Pea the pygmy goat in October 2014. We estimate he was about four years old when he arrived at the Sanctuary.

As a young goat, this big boy earned his name by wreaking havoc across the Sanctuary, pulling down tree branches, and headbutting his way through barriers. Buster is a Nubian, a type of goat that’s been genetically engineered to have long legs which allow farmers to more easily milk them. Here at the Sanctuary however, Buster’s long legs make him an excellent jumper and quickly get ahead of other goats to be first in line for food.

Although Buster is now well into his golden years, and doesn’t jump around as much as he used to, he still remains top goat of the herd. He retains all of his Buster-like qualities too, by pretending to not hear us call him in for bedtime or by taking an extra long time to walk back from his grazing spot.

Please send this sweet old man some extra love!