Memory Lane Through Peaceful Fields

Buster on the goat playground

As we look ahead to all of the amazing possibilities 2017 will hold for Peaceful Fields Sanctuary, we wanted to share and reflect over the many successes and a few trials 2016 had!

This past year the sanctuary rescued and provided a home for Jack, Pepper, CoCo, Thelma, Louise, Susie, Walter, Warren, Paula & Nala! We’re happy to have them joining the other residents to be a part of the Peaceful Fields Sanctuary family. Thanks to our giving donors, we received another chicken coop with supplies, several pygmy goat houses and a tractor! BHBL & MVE partnered to host a bingo fundraiser in Baltimore for the sanctuary which was a huge success. BVD hosted several events throughout the year to benefit the sanctuary, a NOVA veg group together with Greenfare raised funds, EmbroiderMe-Cantonsville sold limited edition vegan Thanksgiving t-shirts and Southern Efficiency in DC raised funds and outreach during their holiday event-Miracle on 7th Street.  PFS also attended vegfests, schools, kids’ summer camp and other outreach opportunities.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to residents Silver and Miss Prissy. Silver the goat suffered from a ruptured bladder, a fatal condition without cure. It was a tragic loss and we miss watching him rear up on his hind legs in play.  Miss Prissy passed on from a long battle with cancer. Rescued several years ago from an egg farm in Pennsylvania, the reproductive cancer highlights why we shouldn’t be exploiting chickens for our use. Ladybug, her best friend and all of us were saddened by the loss.

For last year we ended up just a bit short of our annual budget by $7,313. However, that is the closest yet we’ve come to the organization being self supporting (differences are made up with our personal incomes from working outside the sanctuary) and we know Peaceful Fields will be even more blessed in 2017 from compassionate supporters!

2016 also brought us our first summer intern, Hannah. She logged many hours helping each day at the sanctuary, working on administrative and program projects as well as assisting in outreach events. We wish her well in her continued studies!

This past year also enabled us to make it easier for you to be involved. We added PayPal as an alternate means of gift giving, periodic sanctuary email newsletter to keep you up to date, Amazon wish list of products needed and participation in the Amazon Smile rewards program.

Finally, we want to thank all of you who have volunteered, attended an open house or donated to Peaceful Fields Sanctuary! Our mission would not be possible without your support. It is because of your involvement that we are able to celebrate these success milestones of 2016 and with your continued partnership, 2017 is going to be even better with more lives saved! We recently received a grant for 2017 to use towards building additional housing and plan to fund raise further. PFS will also be in attendance at this year’s National Animal Rights Conference in DC. We’ve set up a new GoFundMe for the 2017 budget at . Enjoy the slideshow!

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You can take a cup of kindness yet, for auld lang syne & PFS!


Toby wishes each of you a joyous & prosperous 2017

As 2016 is drawing to a close in just a few days and we approach the New Year, now is a great time to make your donations to be included in the 2016 fiscal tax year. (As a 501c3 non-profit, donations are tax deductible) Currently we are $7,845 short in our 2016 operating goal for the sanctuary but we know together with your partnership we can close that gap! Meeting our operational goals not only helps Peaceful Fields Sanctuary to be self-sufficient, it allows us to also target improvements (such as new buildings, fencing, etc) which increases the lives we can rescue. There are multiple ways you can join our mission to save the lives of farmed animals in need- one time gifts, animal sponsorship or monthly gift giving. Thanks to you, 2016 has been another amazing year and we’ve rescued over 50 lives so far together over the last few years! With your partnership we have and will continue to achieve much to share kindness to farmed animals and share their story with the public. You can make any donation here so we can ring in the New Year strong and compassionately. For 2017 our goals are to build at least one new structure/barn, Add a new area for pigs and setup our recently donated new chicken housing.

For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne,
We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet
For auld lang syne!

Animal sponsorship, a compassionate gift

The holidays are quickly approaching and as you struggle with ideas as a token of your caring for friends and family, consider the value of a compassionate choice that gives twice, sanctuary animal sponsorship! Recipients can receive a card, photo and bio of the sanctuary resident as a gift while the animal receives funds which help with the annual costs of care. You can sign up via GoFundMe or PayPal under the donate section. Be sure to provide a name and mailing address for your gift recipient. With animal sponsorship at PFS, everyone will be all smiles at your compassionate choice during the holidays! Sponsoring an animal at PFS is quick, easy & no crowds.

Chicken= $50

Goat= $120



You can sponsor Beauty or one of her many sanctuary friends!

Thanksgiving Blessings from the Sanctuary

First we want to thank God for His many blessings and lessons throughout this year. We have been blessed with generous donors, joyful hearts and strong hands supporting our mission.

Among our generous donors are now Angelina and Patrick who donated their large insulated chicken coop and materials to construct a run and automatic watering system, the set up and use of which will be the subject of a future volunteer day. This new coop will increase the amount of lives we can rescue. We appreciate your generosity and wish you both many blessings in your retirement.


Among our new rescues is a beautiful chocolate colored hen who we have been calling Coco. She is young, sweet, talkative and inquisitive. As we suspected she is gravitating toward a young rooster named Jack.


One of our most recent blessings is Ben, who has agreed to wait until our GoFundMe page has raised the funds to purchase his tractor. We looked at it and test drove it a couple weeks ago and feel it will be very beneficial in caring for the animals who call Peaceful Fields Sanctuary home. It will allow us to plow the road (we are on an unmaintained dirt road) to make sure the feed delivery arrives and when needed, our wonderful Veterinarian, Dr. Minazzoli of Mountain State Equine and Large Animal. We owe him and Scott many thanks as well. We can also use various attachments to grade the road and mow the fields. Since this morning we have raised $1,340 of our $1,750 goal. We are so close that we will probably be able to pay for it this weekend! Thank you to all who have donated!


Help spread holiday cheer to the animals

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday are just right around the corner. Here are some quick and easy ways you can support the sanctuary while doing your holiday shopping!

PFS has a wish list on Amazon of needed supplies, ranging from reoccurring items to one time needs. Select these as you shop online and they will be sent to the sanctuary for the animals!

Partner the convenience of online shopping with the Amazon Smile program, where they will make a donation to the sanctuary based on your spending! Sign up once and select Peaceful Fields Sanctuary as your beneficiary and you can have Amazon donate 0.5% of your purchase costs throughout the year, at no cost to you!

Monetary donations can also be given via . We use both Paypal and GoFundMe for your convenience. If you’d like to mail a donation or donate an item or service, send us an email.

Take care of all your gift giving and demonstrate compassion by sponsoring an animal resident as a gift! Your friends and family will enjoy the photo and card they will receive as well as the kind thought knowing they were the reason a farmed animal in need is rescued and cared for! Sign up under the donate section.

Thank you all on behalf of the animal residents for your support and we wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah & Kwanzaa!

Fall Update

We’ve had quite a busy summer and now that fall has arrived it’s time to take a deep breath, reflect on the last few months and start preparing for winter. This summer had us blessed with Hannah, our summer intern from Virginia Tech. Her assistance was absolutely invaluable and we wish her all the best in her senior year! We attended the Richmond (Virginia, USA) VegFest and brought Toby with us once again. Everyone was, as usual, taken by his sweetness and very interested in visiting everyone else here at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary.

The Fall Open House on October 10th was a tremendous success. We had about 20 people coming to hear about our mission and meet the animals, and $620 was raised to care for them! Everyone had a great time and the vegan potluck was again AMAZING. We will see you again for the Spring Open House in April! Until then, there is a monthly one hour tour. Please keep an eye on Facebook or email us for the next tour date.

At every place of rescue there are losses and new faces. Just yesterday we took in a new hen, and a couple weeks ago we lost our sweet leghorn hen, Miss Prissy, to a tumor on her cloaca. The loss of Silver, our sweet and shy goat was a huge blow. We noticed he was having trouble urinating so we called the vet right away and he rushed over. Very shortly after he arrived, Silver’s bladder ruptured. Sadly that is not a rare issue with neutered male goats.

Urgent Need!

EXCITING NEWS! We have been donated a 25’x8′ insulated chicken coop but need to raise roughly $225 to get it moved to our location ASAP. The nice people donating it (because they are moving) also have lots of fencing and a gravity watering system to donate as well. We also have an opportunity to purchase a large quantity of hay at a discounted price and we hope to purchase at least 50 bales as well as pay for transporting them to us. During the winter months we go through three bales of hay every day. The normal cost of hay is $7 per bale plus delivery.

Winter is right around the corner and our expenses to care for the rescued animals literally doubles, what with the power bill to keep everyone warm and their water troughs thawed out (well over $200 per month) to the extra food due to the lack of grass in the pastures (roughly $100 per month) to extra bedding to keep everyone warm at night (about $80 a month). These estimates are in addition to vet bills and normal operating expenses!

We are currently almost $10,000 behind in fundraising for the year. The need really is urgent. The animals in our care get everything they need but there is nothing left over for new building projects or growth to save more lives. Without consistent support we unfortunately have to turn away animals in need, which is something for which we feel a deep calling. Please join us!

Please help! Click here to make a donation. We also accept PayPal donations here. Please email us for the address if you’d like to mail a check.

Please donate and share!

Christmas in July for the Animals!

We are almost half way through the summer months and we want to express how grateful we are to have such charitable supporters. In order to continue to give our residents the best forever home possible, we depend on constant donations. These donations afford us the opportunity to not only pay for food, medical supplies, and property upkeep but also make upgrades necessary to continue rescuing more animals in need. 

Currently, we are at capacity and one of the biggest upgrades needed to change that would be a run-in shelter. The cost of the run-in, delivery, installing electric & water, etc will be around $20,000. Did you know, if only half of the Peaceful Fields Sanctuary Facebook followers donated $25 this month, we could cover the cost of the run-in? 

Along with upgrades, we continue to have many day-to-day costs including feed, bedding, fencing, medical expenses, etc. In honor of our residents, we are asking you to be extra giving this month and pick one or more of the following items to gift to our sweet animals. You may give your donation through GoFundMe, PayPal, or mail. Simply gift the cost of the item and write which gift you’d like the donation to go towards. We will do the work of picking it up from the store!

Thank you in advance- we, along with the residents, cannot express our appreciation enough! The success of our sanctuary is due to your continued generosity. 

Below are the links to PayPal and GoFundMe,our two online donation tools for PFS-


If you’d prefer to mail in a donation, our mailing address is: 

153 Peacefield Lane

Winchester, VA 22603

Possible Gifts:

1) Animal Sponsorship- these are yearly sponsorships and we allow many sponsors for each animal so pick whichever one you’d like!

Chicken= $30

Goat= $120



2) A week’s or months’ worth of straw & hay for an equine or goat:

Equine: week= $50 month= $200

Goat: week= $30 month= $120

3) Run-in fundraising- gift any amount you’d like

4) Salt licks for a year= $25

5) Deworming kit= $30

    This kit includes the following:

Chicken dewormer, goat dewormer, & equine dewormer

6) Medical supplies kit= $40

     This kit includes the following:

4 pack of bandages

 AluShield bandage spray

Antibiotic cream


7) Bag of feed= $15/each

8) Chicken coop bedding= $20- this buys 4 bags of bedding which lasts one coop cleaning

9) Fruits & veggies= gift any amount you’d like

10) Fencing upkeep= $65

Buys 2 rolls of 50 ft chicken wire or 50 ft of field fencing

11) Vet checkups, vaccines, and equine hoof/teeth care- gift any amount you’d like- here are vet costs as a reference for your donation:

Yearly hoof care= $864

Yearly vaccine cost= 256

Teeth float= $175 per animal (done when needed)

Spring 2016 Open House

Spring has sprung here at Peaceful Fields Sanctuary! The apple and pear trees have buds, the daffodils are blooming, and all our residents are enjoying the outdoors from sunrise to sundown. We would like to extend an invitation to all our friends and followers out for a springtime visit and vegan potluck lunch.

Sunday, April 17, from 11AM to 3PM.

Please bring a vegan dish to pass and some fresh produce for the animals. Please RSVP on Facebook  or email us and carpool because parking is limited. We could also use a couple volunteers to help us set up and tear down before and after the open house. Just let us know if you are available.  We look forward to sharing our mission, sharing some delicious vegan food, introducing the animals to some new friends and reconnecting with old friends. Address and map below.

Collage 2016-03-15 13_36_13

Collage 2016-03-15 14_28_56

Happy Anniversary Beatrice!


A year ago today in a blizzard Beatrice came to live at the sanctuary from Harper’s Ferry, WV where she was found wandering the neighborhood by some caring residents. We were being looked after as 4 wheel drive vehicles couldn’t make it up the hill yet somehow our minivan with all season tires made it and back to the sanctuary safely!


Shortly after arriving

She is doing well and free as one of 25 unique individuals in the rescued chicken flock. She spends time with Dennis and loves watermelon and grapes. She sneaks over into the hay storage to relax frequently. Like most hens, zhe enjoys a good dust bath in the sun which gives her black plummage and grey pattern. Please join us in wishing her a happy anniversary!


After a dust bath