What is the Sanctuary’s response to the coronavirus?

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What is the Sanctuary’s vegan policy?

PFS is vegan as the founder is vegan and out of respect to the rescued animals exploited by agribusiness residing here all visitors, volunteers, and events at PFS are asked to be vegan while onsite.

Do you have to be vegan to visit the Sanctuary?

Absolutely not! We welcome ALL people to visit & volunteer at the Sanctuary.

How can I visit the Sanctuary?

PFS is not open for business to the general public; however, we happily schedule events several times a month. This is for the benefit of the animals so care can be our primary focus and many of the animals can be over stressed from too many people because of the abuse they have previously experienced. Please be on time for your scheduled visit. Kids are welcome with adult supervision and you do not have to be vegan or share similar faith to visit/volunteer/donate. Dress for the weather and being outdoors around animals.

Do I have to be a certain faith to visit the Sanctuary?

Although the founder of PFS is vegan and engage in the mission of sanctuary work because of faith, ALL are welcomed.

What do you do with the eggs that hens lay?

Any eggs laid by rescued hens are fed back to the chickens. This is because the eggs do not belong to us and it also replenishes the nutrients lost from laying the eggs.

How do animals usually come to live at the Sanctuary?

Residents arrive at PFS for several reasons. Some are found lost and wandering, some are surrendered by private individuals, some are found through adverts, some are found via rescue networks, some are removed in governmental abuse raids.

Are there road signs?

No, there currently are no road signs directing people to the sanctuary. This is for two reasons. 1. Not everyone appreciates the rescue work a sanctuary does so lack of signage aids in the protection of the residents. 2. Signage greatly increases the animals who are abandoned on the doorstep. Because quality of care is crucial for the residents and we want everyone to have appropriate housing and have the financial ability to care for all, signage is kept to a minimum. Plus signage would add to operational costs.

Do you adopt animals out?

PFS does not adopt out any rescued animals nor do we foster or board. All animals rescued come here as their new forever home to live in safety..

Tell me more about PFS’s nonprofit status.

PFS is an incorporated 501c3 non-profit with a bronze rating by Guidestar. All gifts are tax deductible as per IRS code.