Animal Sponsorship

One of the greatest ways you can support our rescued residents is by being a sponsor!

The cost of each animal’s care has been divided up, so that multiple generous donors like yourself can contribute to their care and reduce the overall burden.

Your sponsorship will provide a portion of the necessary food, supplement, medical care, shelter/bedding, and enrichment essential for your animal resident’s well-being, over the course of one year. You’ll receive a sponsorship packet introducing you to your sponsored resident and will able to schedule a private, in-person visit with your animal friend!

* Remember to include the name & mailing address of the recipient as well as the specific Animal Sponsorship desired in the Notes box *

Click an animal sponsorship link below to get started:

Chicken/Kaporos Rescues/Duck/Turkey Sponsorship
$50 per year each

Big Goat/Sheep Sponsorship
$120 per year each

Pygmy Goat Sponsorship
$120 per year each

Pig Sponsorship
$200 per year each

Cattle Sponsorship
$250 per year each

Donkey Sponsorship
$300 per year each

Horse Sponsorship
$310 per year each

Don’t forget these make fantastic and compassionate birthday, anniversary, or holiday gifts!