Meet the Team

It takes a community of dedicated people to make Peaceful Fields Sanctuary what it is.
John and staff are the primary caregivers, living on-site and providing for the rescued residents day and night. We could not do this work without the generous support of our volunteers who pledge their time, resources, and energy for the residents.

Thank you to each and every one of you!

with Paula the pygmy goat

Founder & President
John founded Peaceful Fields Sanctuary in 2013, blending Jewish ideals of repairing the world and avoiding animal cruelty with the vegan concern for the rights of farmed animals. John went vegan in 2003.

with Beanz the goat

Vice President
Dakota began volunteering at Peaceful Fields in 2019, seeking an escape from the hustle of Washington, DC and a deeper connection with farmed animals, the earth, and the seasons.

Dakota soon fell in love with the residents of Peaceful Fields and the 13 acres they call home. John and Dakota married soon after. When she’s not tending to the Sanctuary with John, you can usually find her reading, working in the garden, or soaking up the sunshine alongside the rescued residents!

Dakota went vegan in 2010 after realizing that her vegetarianism was not enough to realize her dream of animal liberation nor reflective enough of her closely held principles of compassion, non-violence, and bodily autonomy for all beings. Dakota was especially moved to become vegan after “discovering” that cattle, and other mammals used in the dairy industry, are forcibly impregnated by humans in order to produce offspring (which is horrific enough, to say nothing of what happens to the baby animals, and their mothers, after birth).