Upcoming Events

Join our winter Holiday Tour & enjoy hot cocoa & vegan/kosher s’mores after a tour of the Sanctuary! Get to know our newest rescues, Doodle the duck & Mondo, Rosie, and Bruce the turkeys. Wish them & all the animals who call PFS home a compassionate Happy Holidays!

We are open! Join our monthly tour of Peaceful Fields Sanctuary! This is a great introduction to the Sanctuary’s mission and, most importantly, to our many rescued residents who call PFS home. Click here to view our calendar & get your tickets!

We are open! Come lend a hand volunteering at a vegan animal sanctuary! If you are interested in becoming a reoccurring volunteer, this serves as a great introduction. Click here to view our calendar & sign-up!

If you’re not familiar with the Sanctuary’s Visitor Rules & Policies, please click the button below: