You can donate to help cover sanctuary costs of caring for rescued farmed animals. Hay, grain, veterinary care, property upkeep and winterization is costly. You can make either a general gift or you can sponsor an animal. If you sponsor an animal and give us your mailing address, we can send you a photo with a short bio! Alternately you can mail a check to Peaceful Fields Sanctuary at 153 Peace Field lane Winchester VA 22603. Donate via PayPal!

You can become a patron of the sanctuary by providing a reoccurring gift of support either via PayPal or Patreon

Also, you can support us by using! You can provide needed supplies on our wish list or use Amazon Smile, where Amazon will donate as you shop!

10 thoughts on “Donate

  1. I’d like to make a donation; however, I’m retired and don’t have disposable income that amounts to much. Would you prefer donations outright or do you prefer order those snackboxes. In general, what is your preference?


    1. Although they are all great options, a donation of a financial gift or item goes directly to provide support for our mission and care for the animals (whereas with the snack boxes we receive a portion of their sales as a donation) Any and all gifts to PFS are greatly appreciated!


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