Meet Our Residents Donkeys Brownie

Brownie, shortly after arriving at the Sanctuary in July 2014.

Our sweet Brownie was found abandoned in a field with horses. We were able to surmise from his early behavior that his previous owners would electrocute him to prevent him from drinking water. It often takes him two or three passes by the water trough before he feels comfortable to drink, but is easily spooked by sudden movement or sounds. He has made immense growth since joining Peaceful Fields in July of 2014. He and Elvis the horse have become best friends, often eating and playing together. While he’s still a bit timid and shy around new people due to his past experiences, he loves to be hand fed treats and have the insides of his ears scratched. We affectionately call him Brownie Batter when he gets ear scratchies because his lower lip droops and his whole face relaxes!