Meet Our Residents Horses Elvis

Elvis, shortly after arriving at the Sanctuary
Sponsors of Elvis are able to schedule a private visit to meet him & will receive a special sponsorship packet with photos as thanks!

Elvis the quarter horse came to us in December 2014 from Montgomery County, Maryland, after being seized in an especially severe abuse and neglect case. Seventeen counts of animal cruelty were charged against the individual, including failure to provide water, shelter, food, and vet care. Six other horses were seized by the County after a successful prosecution, including one horse who could not be saved. Elvis’ pregnant mate was among those rescued and she eventually gave birth to a filly, who both reside at another sanctuary.

Elvis shares a barn with his best friend Brownie the donkey. They often play together just like brothers, nipping and chasing each other through the fields. It’s not uncommon to hear Elvis whinny for Brownie, should Brownie wander off on his own. A few of our long-term volunteers have also witnessed Elvis bucking full force in the fields, which is quite a sight to see!

Meeting Elvis in person, you can’t help but be impressed by his size and strong muscles, now that he has physically recovered. He is very sensitive to people’s energy and will get nervous if visitors are nervous around him. He loves to be hand-fed apples!