Sweet Pea

Meet Our Residents Pygmy Goats Sweet Pea

Sponsors of Sweet Pea are able to schedule a private visit to meet her & will receive a special sponsorship packet with photos as thanks!

Sweet Pea the pygmy goat came to the Sanctuary in October 2014, along with Buster the big goat, after being rescued from a goat meat & dairy farm. Sweet Pea tends to shy away from most other goats and humans, probably due to the isolation and neglect she experienced before coming to the Sanctuary.

That said, Sweet Pea is very talkative and tends to build trust with long-term volunteers enough to permit them to give her occasional scratchies. Despite her very round appearance, she is not pregnant and can quite easily squish into or sneak through small spaces!

Sweet Pea’s daily routine usually includes standing in her special corner of the pygmy goat yard, taking long naps in the sun, and rounding off the day with some evening rubs against the fence for scratches. She will begrudgingly approach you if you happen to have her favorite snacks of strawberries, apples, or bananas.